Dual LFO. Square, to triangle, to modulated wave forms. Smooth to percussive to syncopated.

The Tremulust is a clean dual LFO optical tremolo. The LFOs can be used separately or blended
out at the speed of a separate triangle wave, along with many other combinations of wave
forms fighting against and/or working with each other. It's an amazingly versatile tremolo, and
even if you're not a tremolo expert, the modulated wave and patterns and range of speeds
create some awesome new effects for experimenters, sonic landscapes, ethereal tones,
drones, and more! Brilliant for clean-and-pretty tones, as well as gnarly-sounding with fuzz.

LFO 2 (Rate 2): Triangle / Square LFO, switchable with the Shape toggle.
Both LFOs have a wide-range sweeps for ultimate controllability, from fast and fluttery, to several second long sweeps, to
long and lopsided tremolo!

Modulation:  The modulation knob alters the sweep of LFO 1 at different speeds to create syncopated beats! Heart beats,
horse gallops, weird patterns, descending stutters, and alternate wave shapes.

Depth: This knob goes from subtle to full tremtasm!

Blend: The Blend knob adjusts between LFO 1 and LFO 2. The Rate LED indicates the rate of both LFOs. You can favor
either LFO with the Bend knob. The favored LFO rate will flash brighter, while the less-favored LFO will flash more dimly.
(Note: the Tremulust's dual LFOs are active simultaneously, and the rate of one LFO intentionally bleeds into the other. To use the either
LFO as a single/standalone tremolo, simply turn the not-in-use LFO's Rate knob all the way down (left).
· 4.7" x 3.7" rugged aluminum enclosure.
· True Bypass switching.
· Handmade in the USA.
· Lifetime warranty.
· View / Print Manual
· Save Your Settings sheet
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Heart art by Alyssa Bean.
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