• Hand-wired in the USA.
• True-bypass switching.
• 9v negative tip adapter power.
(No batteries)
• Rugged aluminum enclosure (4.7" x 2.7")
• Lifetime warranty!
Extremely limited run!

The Sonic Shroom is a harmonic-blasting, liquidy, layered fuzz--with controls that take you from smooth and  
searing to splattery! From there, add a mind-altering second mode with wild oscillation, whale calls, blips, self-
arpeggiation, more synth tones, and fat octave down! As wild as the oscillation can be, it's also musical...plus, you
can play over it: the oscillation only kicks in when you're not playing, letting you sustain long notes until it devolves
into feedback and blips...or letting little chirps and squeals jump in between the notes of your solos. The Sonic
Shroom is a trip you need to take!

How is the Sonic Shroom Psiloscillator different from the standard Sonic Shroom?
The Psiloscillator is always in oscillating mode. On top of that oscillation, you've got the Blip knob, which blends
random computery blips into the oscillation circuit. Wicked...and weird. You've got the Sonic Shroom's Oscillation
and Bloom/Fuzz knobs, plus a Trip toggle to alter voice and oscillation pitch, and a Flip toggle which switches
diode, headroom, and oscillation character. If the Sonic Shroom wasn't for the faint of heart, the Sonic Shroom
Psiloscillator isn't for anyone but the most hardened oscillation and noise obsessed.
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The FuzzHugger Sonic Shroom Psiloscillator
The Controls!
· Footswitch: On/Off.
· Trip toggle: Switches-up fuzz character and oscillation pitch (higher-pitched and blippy vs. a lower cackle).
· Flip toggle: Switch-up clipping and headroom, also affecting oscillation pitch/character.

· Fuzz knob: Increases gain and overdrive. From high-gain to higher, increasing focus and sizzle! The last tiny turn
of this knob compresses the fuzz for a splattier, over-fuzzed sound.
· Oscillation knob: This is your main oscillation control, which is activated when you turn on Trip mode. It adjusts
the oscillation being feed through the circuit, altering intensity and character of the oscillation.
· Blip knob: Blends random computery bleeps into the oscillation circuit.
· Level knob: Duh.
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