The FuzzHugger Pipe Amp!

What if you had a small, portable practice amp that was actually
fun to play? (As in, gainy, thick and fuzzy!) And let's make it
indestructible, too! Meet the FuzzHugger Pipe Amp! Pumping out
pleasingly fat fuzz tones on a small scale--no tinny tones here.
Perfect for the coffee table, bedroom, bathroom, hotel room,
van...and as rugged as they come! Throw one in your backpack
or suitcase, or under the covers.
Features Overdrive and Fuzz Modes, and surprising volume and
beef, all from a 9 volt battery. A low battery-draw means long
lasting operation.
3" speaker with 1" surrounding
projection cone.
Two Modes: Overdrive & Fuzz.
Trim Knob: Use with guitar's
Volume knob to control volume
and sound.
5.25" x 5.25" at widest points.
• Powered by a 9v battery.
• Built in the USA.
• Limited Lifetime Warranty!
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The FuzzHugger Pipe Amp is not associated with, or endorsed by, Oatey, or any other manufacturer referenced on the Pipe Amp's housing.
The Pipe Amp is hand built and
wired, one at a time, with love.
Each is hand sanded,
sandblasted, then painted. There
casting marks, cause it's a pipe!
There's tiny bit of reverb on the Pipe Amp lead track, no EQ or other post processing surgery!
Check out Jeff's blog:
The Pipe Amp does not come standard
with a line out. Email to discuss options.
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