The Upper was almost built into FuzzHugger Effects' first octave fuzz...but what fuzz
circuit should it be paired with? After finding lots of positive pairings, it seemed
obvious--let users decide for themselves!

The Upper is a second-harmonic generator, producing analog octave up with subtle
ring mod effects. It walks the line between bell-like and dirty, between musical and
dissonant. Depending on interval, you'll either get a perfect octave up tone, or octave
mixed with a very subtle octave down harmonic, or a dissonant tone...the
combination of these possibilities gives the Upper a ring modulation feel. The more
simultaneous notes, the more dissonance you'll get.
The Upper deviates from the classic vintage octave by allowing you to bias the
octave, adjusting texture, dialing in more or less dissonance, more cleans or lows.

Put it in front of other pedals, and it sounds awesome! It juices about anything after it
in your signal chain. Fuzz comes to life, gains octave and edge, and many pedals
just sound better (or
at the least more interesting) with it in-front. The three controls
dial in the exact texture and response you want (including blending out the octave but
keeping the dirt!). From cleanish, to mildly overdriven, to nasty.

The Controls!
Hi-Freq: Cuts high frequencies. Takes the edge off, or totally rolls off!
Sustain: Controls sustain and octave presence. (Control works normally when the
Bias is set to "biased." When the Bias is adjust left...then, adjust Sustain left for more
sustain! When adjusting, you may notice a soft click when sustain reaches "full," at
hard right setting).
Bias: Weird control that adjusts octave intensity, texture, and openness of the effect.
Octave is
biased around the 12o'clock setting. (Slight scratch as circuit adjusts.)
FuzzHugger Upper
• True-bypass switching.
• 9v negative tip adapter power. (No batteries.)
• Rugged aluminum enclosure (2.37" x 3.7")
• Lifetime warranty!
• Handmade in the USA by Tom Dalton.
• MAP: $119,  $159 (with bypass loop)
The Upper can be special-ordered with
a footswitchable true bypass loop (for
quick-stacking with other pedals!)
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