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(Courtesy Dano at Beavis Audio!)

The Algal Bloom is a harmonically rich, wide-range fuzz! From mellow to gritty overdrives, to "just
right" thickness, to mind-altering harmonic fuzz tones! An open tone with a full body...fantastic
definition and note-separation. Unique interactive controls allow you to alter the response and
texture of the fuzz. Surging fuzz textures, all the way up to a throaty roar!

The BASS BLOOM delivers just what bassists have been asking for: that Algal Bloom tone, with
more low-end and smooth clean blending to seriously open up your sound! With the new Clean
knob, you can get the perfect MIX of pure bass and big fuzz!

The Controls!
Gain: Gain adjustment and clean-up! As you back it off, it cleans up your fuzz, also adding a hint of
sputter and fizzle. Hard right is full-on!
Bloom (Fuzz): Expands and pushes your fuzz tone, adding gain, sustain, and definition. Hard right is
maxed out...a unique, throaty, brash-yet-full tone! 12 o'clock is its "home setting," for thick fuzz tone!
Starve (Texture): Limits the amount of power that reaches the circuit, creating some beautifully sick
fuzz textures that mimic a dying battery
(slight scratch as circuit rebiases).
• Clean: Your volume control for clean, smoothly blending clean unfuzzed tone!
• Fuzz Volume: Your volume control for fuzz!
FuzzHugger(fx) Bass Bloom / Algal Bloom & Blend
• Hand-built in the US.
• Developed with Smallsound/Bigsound!
• Professionally printed circuit board.
• LED (gem button style).
• True-bypass switching.
• 9v negative tip adapter power. (No batteries.)
• Rugged aluminum enclosure. (4.7" x 3.7")
• Lifetime warranty!
More below!
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"It's fantastic! All that great signature clarity is there, and it
goes from a nice light grind to a huge mean fuzz!  You really
hit a home run with this."
--Matt H., CA

"It sounds super cool and looks great."
--Dave U., CA

"It sounds as awesome as it looks. Or looks as awesome as it
--Anthony L., AUS

"The Bass Bloom sounds great. The Clean blend is done so
friggin' well... I like how you can actually boost the clean
signal above unity and it doesn't change the tone at all."
--Christian A., MI

"The Bass Bloom offered endless textures of fuzz, while
effectively preserving the low end of both basses. [It] allows
you to create a spectrum of different fuzz tones that work well
with both active and passive basses. Bassists from rock to
funk camps can find a number of useful sounds within its
responsive controls, all at a price point that is competitive
with its peers."
--Premier Guitar Review, October '12
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One Slight B-Stock
(Slight smudge in print)
Formidable fuzz with both
basses. Starting with the
Warwick fretless, I was able to
create tones ranging from synthy
P-Funk to flatulent, Les "...the
Bloom and Gain dials created
some Claypool-like dirt. And
when I went to my detuned
Nash, boosting the Bloom evoked
a burly buzz that was capable of
handling any stoner-rock gig. I
could even cop a Cliff Burton-
esque tone by combining the
Bass Bloom with a wah pedal.
FuzzHugger’s latest offering for
bassists also tracked low barre
chords and double-stops with
quickness and definition."
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