Germanium + LED clipping hybrid!
• Handmade in the USA.
• True-bypass switching.
• 9v negative tip adapter power. (No batteries.)
• Lifetime warranty!
Can get very high gain on highest settings.
Overdrive and distortion, al the way to scrambled, nasty, skipping, and ragged!

The Arc Flash is a ultra versatile box that's bursting with charged-up electric goodness. Its an
overdrive and distortion, with an insanely increased range that'll summon everything from cleanish
drives, to transparent overdrives, to cutting distortion, to full-on grindy fuzz, to scrambled, imploding
waves of overcharged fuzz! From fuzz with a grindy edge, to dancing on the lines between nasty/freaky
and sweet/toneful...and between cutting and muffy. And completely cranked, it's exploding with energy!

Amazing shape-shifting range, very intuitive controls, all in a tiny electrical enclosure!

The Controls!
Gain/Charge: Major range! Controls the style and amount of gain. Mode two changes the sweep of
the Gain control, increasing gain, sharpness, and nastiness.
• Freq: This is a high-frequency control to further tailor the amount of bite you want! The Arc Flash is
wide open, from low to high, so this knob will come in handy.
Level: Your master volume control...with a huge amount of available volume!
Mode: Switches between the pedal's two modes, switching both diodes and the sweep of the Gain
control. Mode One does surprisingly clean overdrives, to
huge,  thick fuzz! Mode Two delivers a big
gain increase, from sharp distortions to absolute waves of scrambled fuzz, complete with stuttering
single notes.
High gain, very overdriven! Recommended for humbuckers or single-coils in hum-cancelling mode.
What users say:
"I'm using the Arc Flash... as a clean boost. It works awesomely! You could make a pretty
decent board out of four arc flashes and no other dirt."
--Matt, Sweden

"Nice warm overdrive, which may replace my tendency to use my amp's overdrive.
Scorching distortion with a backhanded slap of fuzz, so you're sure to remember what's
important. Splattery (as it has been put) swelling, gnarly, lo-fi, electrocution reminiscent
of a catfight through a gainy distortion pedal."
--Jake, TX

"I got to play the AFO through my Twin this weekend, and it sounded amazing. ... It
produced this really cutting, slightly compressed, but incredibly warm and tasty fuzz.
Turning the Gain clockwise...chunky boost all the way to a grand, uplifting fuzz. Then
switching on the high gain starts you off with a raspy overdrive and ends up with a
fantastic splatter."
--Crispin, CA

"[on its cleanest setting] the Arc Flash the tone was exactly the same as the bypassed
signal. No low end loss and that Jazz honk came through perfectly. ...Lower settings on
the gain produced a beautiful transparent boost. After around 1:00 o’clock on the gain
over drive then fuzz kicked in for a nice smooth goodness. ... In the mode up position,
lower gain settings produced sputtery nastiness. At higher settings the fuzz became
thicker and produced a beautiful frying bacon sound.
I was also able to reproduce a sound like I was being electrocuted in a horror flick."
--Keith, MD

"Just spent some time playing my new Arc Flash (Arc Flash Oscillator), and damn it's
amazing. Probably my favorite pedal on my board, which is really saying something
cause I love all my pedals. The versatility is thing, thanks so much for making it a
--Matt, CA

"...sounds like amazing OD that is really crisp, has a unique tone but its insanely usable.
I cant stress how much you can do with this if you just try different things."
--Ben, IA

"I have a ton of fuzzes but this one has a very unique voice. Turned up it's full on fuzz
mayhem with a nice vintage tone, but roll guitar volume back and it cleans up reeeally
Craig, NJ

"I played a show with my Arc Flash last night and I swear I love that pedal more and
more every time. I received a compliment on my 'fat, full' rhythm fuzz sound, and also
on my 'zipper-like, screaming' leads. I was happy to be able to tell them that it all came
from one ridiculously cool pedal."
--Matt, CA

"I have to say, this pedal is F'N AWESOME! Very versatile and insane at the same time...
Tom, thanks for a great pedal! It is replacing my bass big muff on my board."
--Steev, NY

"I'm absolutely LOVING the Arc Flash. There is a spot on the dial where I get a serious
'electrical surge' sound on the decay of certain notes/chords, and it blows me away
each time it happens."
--John, OR
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