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"The sounds this pedal gets are amazing. It's almost more of an high-gain overdrive than a typical fuzz,
with a sweet high end (no fizziness whatsoever) and a harmonically complex yet very refined sound,
very open and dynamic. Crunchy yet fairly smooth, lots of sustain yet not too compressed. The overall
tone is nice and balanced, bright but not too thin w/ a nice low end. It's definitely a unique pedal, with a
wide range of sounds, yet nothing too over the top or vulgar. And it never sounds harsh on any of it's
--Bill, CA

"The Algal Bloom has found a permanent home on my board.  I've tried at least 20 fuzzes over the years
and this is the tone I've been waiting for.  Tweaking the knobs I can get some nice grit ... or I can play
chords without it getting muddy ... I can even get those haunting Hackett-esque tones ... and I can get it
to cut and sting!  Stacks with my overdrive too."
--Richard, FL

"...I just could not stop playing it. The fuzz sticks to the notes but isn't muddy. Bright enough to cut, but
not piercing. Cleans up like nobody's business into a gorgeous clean with light hair. ...You can get some
spitty mudfuzz if you want too, but I'm more into the 'well rounded' thang...quite a little trickster and a
great tool to have."
--Benjamin, MA

"The Algal Bloom is just a fantastic fuzz, it pretty much eliminated a couple other fuzz pedals from my
current setup.  It's the only fuzz
I've ever owned that can get that deep, thick fuzz sound while
retaining clarity and fidelity."
--Shannon, MO

"I just wanted to say thanks, your/my Algal Bloom is a complete work of art.
For the price I didn't expect miracles, but the Algal Bloom delivered in spades.
The sound, versatility, controls, design, everything, it just works like magic."
--Mike, IL

"This is the sound I've been trying to get from BOTH guitar & bass for a long time!! Absolutely
mind-blowing thick harmonic dripping fuzz...I can tell you for absolute certain now to recommend the
Algal Bloom to bass players. Amazing low end retention, punch & clarity...and of course the most cosmic
destroying fuzz ever...I am practically speechless!!"
--Adam, NC

"I can't thank you enough. Absolutely adore it, feels like the Algal Bloom filled a void in my board.
- Flexible to the point it's completely replaced my overdrive.
- Enough oomph to make for very chunky rhythm riffs when need be.
- Doesn't go too relentlessly wibbly when playing dissonant chords.
- Stacks well in front of my other fuzzes.
- It's one of the prettier looking boxes I have."
--Fredward, WA

"I love how this thing can go bluesy or to total fuzz. It's far out."
--David, NY

"Got my algal bloom yesterday. Put it on my board today. And my quest for a bass fuzz is over. The
controls are great [...] and the variation of fuzz tones is the most variant of any fuzz ever. I am stoked to
say the least."
--Randy, LA

"I'm really digging the tones. The usability of it as an overdrive unexpectedly sounds great."
--Ian, MO

"It is thick, rich, meaty and drips with harmonics. It can provide anything from syrupy and highly saturated
high gain, to gritty and gnarly overdrive like sounds.
The Algal Bloom provides so many shades of fuzz, always with its own character, that I seriously think
about getting a second one. It even gives my best FuzzFace clones a run for the money."
--Juergen, Germany

"Received the Algal Bloom last week, and I am floored. Big fuzz freak here. Totally love the tone of this
--Christian, GA

"It is one of the few pedals that shines whether you play at bedroom or stage level. I think you just built
my favorite fuzz pedal. Seriously. DRENCHED in harmonics...this thing is DREAMY!! I still can't get over it."
--Mike, FL

"There are many, many sounds to be pulled from this pedal. From full-out roar to a thin, gated fuzz. The
four controls are highly interactive. I've only scratched the surface of what this thing can do."

"Just got the Algal bloom and I couldn't be happier. I REALLY like the sounds you can get with the starve
knob right around 10-11 o'clock with the level around 12, bloom maxed and trim maxed. Probably one of
the more unique sounding fuzz pedals I've ever used..."
--Baird, NY

"I got the algal bloom today. [...] It's one of the best pedals I've ever played. The ground it covers is
amazing. It's a really good time and I have no desire for another fuzz now."
--Craig, CA

"Very nice!  I got all the ranges of fuzz to insane gain/feedback distortion. In the lower gain settings it's
very warm and harmonic with a fuzzy crunch. In the higher gain settings I found notes picked out of
chords rang clear, while tons of gain was still at hand."
--Barney, OR

"The Algal Bloom, man, it's just got a great tone to it...you don't have to shy away from complex chords,
and playing "D" shapes up the fretboard is a lovely experience. I like the Algal Bloom's control scheme,
the adjustments let you really shape the tone."
--Jeff, AR

"Dude, that is one insanely good sounding fuzz. My god! This is one of the few fuzz pedals that I've ever
been able to shape and tame into the tone I want. You can actually hear every string when you play
chords on it."
--A.C., CA

"I'm getting some cool fuzz tones out of it. My favorite is a really cool, creamy, smooth fuzz. It's almost
like a Fuzz Face with better top and bottom end and more sustain. I've also gotten a crunchy distortion,
and an 'almost overdrive.' And that's just with the single coils.
I've been finding it to be a very usable/versitile fuzz. It's not a crazy, over the top fuzz. It's thick. It's really
something I needed."
--Mike, MD

"The AB is one sonically beautiful monstrosity. I think its a brilliant device, really. Thanks for coming up
with this beauty!!"
--Ramon, CA
The pretty, trippy side...
The thick, choking side...
An algal bloom is a rapid increase in the population of algae in an aquatic system. Bright green blooms are a
result of blue-green algae. Blooms can also be yellow-brown or red. Some algal blooms are iridescent and
give off light. Algal bloom concentrations may reach millions of cells per millimeter. Out-competing plants,
other species begin to die, becoming food for the bacteria that decompose it. The bacteria and algae
increase in number, use up oxygen, and fish can not survive. Some algal blooms produce neurotoxins that act
on nerve cells and cause rapid paralysis. Choking and destructive, thick and alive.
"...a great fuzz box - highly competent to get you to
the sonic, wall of fuzz tone...but versatile enough to
achieve more subtle fuzz tones...sounds ranging
from the massively thick to sputtering grit."
Review by WhatsThatDudePlay.com
"...a lot of tones to be had from this pedal – it's the
sort of fuzz that will keep a tweaker busy...a fully
useful range of sounds from sputtery, gated micro-
buzz to massive, saturated open fuzz."
Review at FrugalGuitarist.com
• Hand-wired in the US.
• True-bypass switching.
• 9v negative tip adapter power. (No batteries.)
• Rugged aluminum enclosure. (4.7" x 3.7")
• Lifetime warranty!
Algal Bloom & Blend
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The Algal Bloom is a harmonically rich, wide-range fuzz! From mellow to gritty overdrivey tones, to beautifully
thick fuzz, to crunch, crust, and throaty fuzz roars! The new Choke toggle that turns the Algal Bloom into a
Harmful Algal Bloom, a raunchier mode that goes from spitfire, to crunchy, to crusty, and dying!

The Algal Bloom is known for its open tone and many chord-friendly settings, with fantastic definition and note-
separation, even on high gain settings. The controls are uniquely interactive for incredible range. The pedal has a
unique sound and circuit, but also expands on some classic tones that fuzz enthusiasts will love. A workhorse of a
classicish, garagey, all-around capital F Fuzz.

The Controls!
Gain: Gain adjustment and clean-up! As you back it off, it cleans up your fuzz, also adding a hint of sputter and
fizzle. Hard right is full-on!
Bloom (Fuzz): Expands and pushes your fuzz tone, adding gain, sustain, and definition. Hard right is maxed out...a
unique, throaty, brash-yet-full tone! 12 o'clock is its "home setting," for thick fuzz tone!
Power: Controls the flow of power to the circuit, altering response, heft, and gain (slight scratch is normal, as
circuit adjusts to voltage change).
Highs: Smooths clipping of high frequencies, tames or dampens highs.
• Level: Your master volume control.
The FuzzHugger Algal Bloom v3
• Choke / HAB Toggle: activates a bonus mode that goes from
whiplash, crunch, crud, crust, dying, and dead. In this mode,
crank Gain, Bloom, and Power and roll back on one at a time to