What users are saying...

"It's fantastic! All that great signature clarity is there, and it goes from a nice light
grind to a huge mean fuzz!  You really hit a home run with this."
--Matt H., CA

"It sounds super cool and looks great."
--Dave U., CA

"It sounds as awesome as it looks. Or looks as awesome as it sounds."
--Anthony L., AUS

"The Bass Bloom sounds great. The Clean blend is done so friggin' well... I like how
you can actually boost the clean signal above unity and it doesn't change the tone at
--Christian A., MI

"The Bass Bloom offered endless textures of fuzz, while effectively preserving the low
end of both basses. [It] allows you to create a spectrum of different fuzz tones that
work well with both active and passive basses. Bassists from rock to funk camps can
find a number of useful sounds within its responsive controls, all at a price point that
is competitive with its peers."
--Premier Guitar Review, October '12
"Formidable fuzz with both
basses. Starting with the
Warwick fretless, I was able to
create tones ranging from synthy
P-Funk to flatulent, Les "...the
Bloom and Gain dials created
some Claypool-like dirt. And
when I went to my detuned
Nash, boosting the Bloom evoked
a burly buzz that was capable of
handling any stoner-rock gig. I
could even cop a Cliff Burton-
esque tone by combining the
Bass Bloom with a wah pedal.
FuzzHugger’s latest offering for
bassists also tracked low barre
chords and double-stops with
quickness and definition."
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The FuzzHugger Algal Bloom & Blend
The Algal Bloom V2 plus a Clean Volume knob! Blend
in cleans or whatever's in front of it. Great for bass,
blending fuzzes, or for adding even more mass,
definition, and cleanness to your tone.
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