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ILF 2017 Special Limited Velcrobot!
A special batch of FuzzHugger's wickedest fuzz, the Velcrobot!
Featuring Jeff Fialko's art (subtly tweaked for maximum ILF
cred), and at an absolute
steal of a way of saying
thanks for being part of the discussion forum.

Individually numbered, capped at 25.
Built in the US and warrantied for life.
• Handcrafted in US.
• True-bypass switching.
• 9v negative tip adapter power (No batteries.)
• Rugged aluminum enclosure (4.7" x 3.7")
• Lifetime Warranty
Extreme velcrofuzz explosion. Amazingly textured, crud-pumping FUZZ. From full-on in-your-face, to zippy, to super-filtered over-the-phone fuzz.

The first thing this does is one-up the low-sustain gated by letting you sustain that crunchy, ripping fuzz as long as you want and still get a
satisfying, ripping closure at the end. Of course, you can also gate it a little or a lot! Satisfying pop-in to total crapout.

Next, there's a footswitch that lets you choose between crazy and crazier. Switching on Bot Mode brings in another layer of zip & rip! Like taking
an electrified cheese grater to the face. Lots of heavily-filtered settings in this mode, too. Things get robotic, an alien fuzz language coming over
the intercom, then fuzz like it's coming over the telephone.

Gate: Controls crunch, sustain, and gate!
Bot: Controls character and gain, also controls the sweep of the filter in filtered mode (home setting is far right).
Gain: Adjusts drive and gain. If you start to get unwanted oscillation, back off Gain slightly.
• Bot Mode Footswitch: Stomp it to bring in a heavy filtered mode, with extra zip!
• Level: Your master Volume control.