Algal Bloom
Sonic Shroom
Four modes full of octave
fuzzes, clang, glitch,
splatter, broken arcade
game noises, and more!
Phantom Arcade
Mega-textured chewy dirt
and fuzz, bit-crushed,
grimey, like a speaker just
on the edge of blowing.
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Metalwork Velcrobot
Handmade by Tom & Inga.
Fewer than 10 made per year.
Doom Bloom
The Algal Bloom reimagined.
More lows, more fuzz, more
mass and more available
headroom. Great for low,
doomy chords. Stupid with
lows and menace!
The Sonic Bloom +
footswitchable oscillation for
blips, drones, and synthy
fat octave.
Formerly the AB-Synth.
FuzzHugger Effects are hand-crafted, every step of the way, in a one-man shop in the US, using the best-available components.
Hand-drilled, hand-finished, hand-painted, hand-assembled,, one at a time, by Tom Dalton. Warrantied for life.
Available in very limited quantities.
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FuzzHugger's new classic.
Open, full-range fuzz! From
fuzzy overdrives to thick
surging fuzz, crunch, and
crust! Chord-friendly, great
definition and response.
Extreme velcrofuzz
explosion. Super-textured,
crud-pumping FUZZ. From
full, to zippy, to filtered
over-the-phone fuzzz!
Algal Bloom & Blend
The full Algal Bloom with a
Clean Blend knob! Blend in
cleans or whatever's in
front of it! Great for bass
guitar, or for adding more
mass, definition, and
cleanness to your tone.
Sonic Bloom
High gain, densely clipped,
modern fuzz! From surging
to splattery!
Check out the Sonic
Shroom to add oscillation.
2016 Special! $149
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Deutschland (Germany)
Danmark (Denmark)
Isle of Man, UK