FuzzHugger Effects & Tidal Waveforms FAQ
by Tom Dalton
Contact me with any additional questions.


Where are FuzzHugger and Tidal Waveforms pedals built? Are they hand-made?
All FuzzHugger and Tidal Waveforms pedals are hand-made by me (Tom Dalton), start to finish,
in a small one-man shop in Pennsylvania (USA). Every step, from drilling the metal enclosures,
to creating and applying graphics, screening, to finishing, to PCB population, and wiring, is
done in-house. The only process done out-of-house is PCB production (also in the US, then
populated in-house)...or when Laura Bennett or another fine artist hand-paints a pedal! So
despite being a one-man shop, I do (very occasionally) get to work with excellent artists: Laura
Bennett, Pat Corrigan, Jeff Fialko, Snakes. FuzzHugger and Tidal Waveforms consists of a two-
person circuit design team, as I work with one of my best friends (and circuit genius) who lives
in London.

How long do email replies take?
It varies. 1-7 days is the often-missed goal. Some replies can be short and quick, and some
replies need to wait until I have time to sit down and write a long focused message. I enjoy and
welcome emails...but it can be hard to keep up with them, especially as I'm trying to keep up
with a build-list (and getting pedals out on time takes priority over emails).
I build every FuzzHugger pedal, start to finish, but also test, package and ship them...I'm always
working on new graphics and circuits. I also manage this site (and the
ilovefuzz.com forum, with
the help of a few friends). I'm not mentioning all these things to brag, but so 1) You know about
the process that goes into FuzzHugger Effects, and 2) You'll hopefully understand if email
replies are sometimes a bit slow. You're always welcome to resend your message if you
haven't heard back as quickly as you'd like, or if you're worried that I missed your message.
That said, I am not one of those builders who is impossible to reach, and the wait-list / build
times listed on the site are accurate as humanly possible.

Do you do custom work?
Yes. Contact Me to chat. All custom work is on a case-by-case basis. Many custom graphics,
finishes, styles, and even circuits are available. Sometimes due to time-constraints, I have to
say no. But never hesitate to ask! Also, I'm happy to discuss options with no pressure to buy...
we discuss and work out all possible details before you decide whether you want to order the

Are all FuzzHugger pedals limited run?
I've said that a few times. While, there are a few flagships that I don't plan to discontinue, but
there are no guarantees on the rest. Also, I don't currently have a plan to continue FuzzHugger
beyond my lifetime, so yes, ALL my pedals are essentially limited run! (It is possible that one
day, one or both of my sons will carry on with FuzzHugger.)

Can I tour your workshop / factory?
(It's definitely not a factory, but...) Sorry, Wonka-style tours are not available. There are safety and
time constraints...mainly, the workshop is located in the middle of 13,000 acres of Pennsylvania
state forest. (Really.) Not exactly accessible!

What comes with my FuzzHugger pedal? / Where's the manual?
FuzzHugger pedals come with stickers, but minimal other packaging/materials.
· Only my most complex pedals ship with manuals. This is done to avoid wase (and encourage
experimentation, while we're at it!) There's nothing like learning a new pedal by just using your
fingers and ears. Operating instructions and manuals can be found on each pedal's product
page (
select your pedal here).
· Pedals are wrapped for cushioning, placed in a small box, which is then wraped in a water-
proof shipping bag (which provides more essential protection than a box), and though I don't
double-box (except in case of certain custom/painted pedals), FuzzHugger pedals are made to
be stomped on! They will survive a bumpy trip in the post.

Why are FuzzHugger pedals more affordable than many other boutique pedals?
Even before I built pedals, I loved the excitement of finding that rare gem of a builder, with cool
handmade stuff that was actually affordable. I hope to be that kind of builder. FuzzHugger is a
passion, personal challenge, and my lifestyle, more than it is a business.

Do you use high quality parts?
The highest available, period.

Why aren't your prices higher?
Simple: I don't mark up my pedals as high as many builders. (And I don't get the bulk discounts
on components that many larger and more expensive companies do.) I will never sacrifice
quality to save money, whether it's a .10 cents or $2 savings. There are some junk enclosures,
some junk knobs, junk jacks, etcetera, floating around out there, and I've seen them on many
more expensive pedals. I will not use them. I take quality personally.
The low price isn't a reflection of value, but a personal drive to hand-build quality pedals at a
good price. I cut out every area of waste, I don't work in a fancy (or even decorated) workshop--all
my attention all goes into the pedal I'm building for you.

Will you modify my FuzzHugger pedal?
Yes. Contact Me for details.

What kind of warranty does my FuzzHugger pedal have?
Lifetime. Free lifetime parts and labor, free shipping both ways in the first year.
Currently, this lifetime warranty is guaranteed as long as I am alive.
(Abuse not covered, though I'll still repair for you.)

Is it transferrable? Does it apply to used pedals?
Yes, but you don't need to transer/register. It's simply: free lifetime parts and labor on used
pedals. Abuse not covered.

What is the process for a warranty claim?
Contact Me first, let me know what the issue is. This is important. Sometimes, it really is just a
matter of plugging the wrong thing in the wrong thing. Or of not reading about knob descriptions.
You'll never be given a hard time, just some basic checks, then I'll let you know where to mail
the pedal. Repairs are given top-priority. You wont be kept waiting for your pedal.

How do I power my FuzzHugger pedal?
All FuzzHugger pedals use the industry-standard: a 9 volt, negative-tip (center negative) adapter.
It's a 2.1mm jack. Yes, you can daisy-chain.

Can I use my FuzzHugger pedal with more than 9 volts? How will it be different?
You're always safe to use 12 volts, provided it's a standard negative-tip 2.1mm jack. You'll
probably notice increased headroom, for one. Also, pedals with a Starve or Volt control will now
start at the new, higher voltage and go down from there, so that's cool (and allows you to run it at
9v or lower even if you're using a 12v adapter.
If you want to use 16 volts, please contact me first (I'll let you know, based on the model/year
and parts used). You don't want to fry your pedal, so please
contact me.

I just got my pedal and I'm not sure it's working right.
You're welcome to email me with any questions.
Here are a couple simple things to check:
· First, make sure you're using a 9 volt, negative-top adapter.
· In from guitar on the right, out to amp on the left.
Also, operation guides can be found on each pedal's product page.

If you've tried those, shoot me an email! Problems with FuzzHugger pedals are rare, and they
are all extensively inspected and tested before shipping...but in the event there's an issue, I will
take care of you quickly. Repairs are my highest priority.

I have a v1/1.5 (pre-2012) AB-Synth. Can you upgrade it to v2?
Even within one version, there are some PCB and parts-mounting differences between some
AB-Synths. So sometimes upgrading is possible (and inexpensive), and sometimes, it's more
in-depth. So AB-Synth upgrades are handled on a case-by-case basis.
Email for details!

My AB-Synth (or another FuzzHugger fuzz) picks up radio.
I've only gotten this as a concern/complaint 2-3 times (this could be because it's rare, but could
also be because it's expected to happen sometimes, or is even
welcome by some of you noise
guys)...I don't know--I live in the middle of the woods, on top of a mountain. You've probably read
before that some radio-frequency interference (RFI), depending on geographical location, is not
uncommon for a high gain oscillating fuzz (or even a standard fuzz!). While RFI protection can be
added (I can provide instructions, and current AB-Synth PCBs have a built-in space for easily
adding it though a relatively simple mod), there are two caveats. First, it might not help in all
cases. Second, it tames some of the AB-Synth's sizzle. For a very brief time, I added RFI
protection as standard, and users who upgraded all missed the sizzle and asked for
instructions on how to remove it. So I stopped adding RFI protection in the AB-Synth. Basically, I
recommend you enjoy the AB-Synth's sizzle, and the occasional spirit voices some of you might
pick up. Other FuzzHugger fuzzes (excluding the Velcrobot and Phantom Arcade) have built-in
RFI protection.

Algal Bloom
The Starve knob on my Algal Bloom scratches.
This is normal. Also, many Algal Blooms out there also have the Starve knob wired so the
higher gain settings are on the left. This is normal...I thought of it at the time as a voltage
reducer (turn it up to reduce voltage...quirky). I've switched to a different taper on the Starve
knob, and wired it so that it goes from low voltage to higher voltage. Either way, you have the
same range.
Credit card, PayPal, or Money Order
We ship
FuzzHugger.com General / Order FAQ
by Tom Dalton
Contact me with any additional questions.

Do you have a physical shop open to the public?
No. The costs involved with operating a physical shop would result in a doubling of
my prices. Selling direct allows me to keep prices low

When will my order ship?
Next to each Order Now button, there's a notice whether the pedal is in stock or wait-listed (with
the build time noted). If you ordered an
In Stock item, it will ship within 24 hours in most cases.
If it's wait-listed, it'll ship within in time noted. A lot of work is dedicated to keeping the wait-times

What shipping method do you use? How long does it take?
US orders ship with 2-3 day USPS. It can sometimes take longer depending on region, weather,
weekends, and holidays.

Will I receive an email update and tracking number when it ships?
In most cases, yes. If you don't receive an update and would like one, please email.

Return Policy
100% satisfaction guaranteed, no hassle returns. Changed your mind? Decided a pedal's not
for you? No problem! Return any item within 20 days of purchase for a full refund (minus my
shipping costs to send it to you). If you receive a pedal with a defective part (rare), pay no
shipping on returns. Returns must be in absolutely new condition. Email first, then ship with
trackable USPS Priority (or request a pre-paid label if that'd make things easier for you).

If (and only if) the returned item is not in new condition, then either:
1) A 20% fee will be subtracted from your refund (or you can have me send it back).
2) If severe enough, we will refuse the refund and send the item back to you.
Neither of those ^ has ever happened in the history of FuzzHugger.
Basically, it's this simple: keep it mint. If you do, you can decide whether to keep it!

How long do email replies take?
It varies. 1-7 days is always the often-missed goal. Some replies can be short and quick, and
some replies need to wait until I have time to sit down and write a long focused message. I
enjoy and welcome emails...but it can be hard to keep up with them, especially as I'm trying to
keep up with a build-list (and getting pedals out on time takes priority over emails).

International Orders

Do you ship internationally?
Yes. All over the world. In fact, close to half of all pedals I build are shipped outside the US.

How much is international shipping?
You can see shipping costs in your cart before checkout.
Shipping prices have increased dramatically over the past two years. Still, my shipping prices
are usually $5-10 LESS than actual shipping costs
, saving you money! But as prices can vary,
contact me if you'd like an individualized quote.

Do you have international dealers?
Yes. As the list of dealers can change and expand, I'm going to save myself the editing time on
this page not list them here. :) Do a
Google search and/or email me and/or Check the
FuzzHugger(fx) section for updates on where to get them.

Why don't you have more international dealers?
Feel free to tell your favorite shop about FuzzHugger. I don't have an advertising staff or a lot of
time to reach out to dealers. So far,
I've only ever worked with dealers who've reached out to me
. I like to do it that way, because it shows that they're interested, or that their customers have
requested FuzzHugger. If someone's heard of FuzzHugger, it's because of word-of-mouth. It
might not be the most profitable advertising method, but I like that the word has spread

Can I track the shipment online?
In some cases. USPS seems to have recently abandoned most of their international tracking
updates (other than noting when it leaves US and when it is finally delivered), though delivery
and shipping times are as dependable as ever.

Shipping is taking longer than estimated.
This can happen sometimes, but seems to be rare; I frustratingly can't do anything if your mail
courier is slow. Usually, if a shipment is taking longer than estimated, it's because tied up in
your country's customs system. It'll eventually make it out.

I'm worried about international shipping / my pedal being lost in the mail.
In 6+ years and thousands of pedals, I think only two international shipments have ever been
lost in the mail. In both cases, I verified it with USPS and insurance, and, more importantly, sent
replacements to the customer.
If you ordered a pedal, you will get that pedal. Guaranteed.

Will I be charged import fees / duty / taxes? How much?
In most cases, yes. Every country varies, so please check to see what your country charges.

International Returns
I  do accept International returns, though due to costs involved with International shipping, it may
be more economical for you to resell a pedal yourself if you decide it's not for you. That being
said, you're welcome to return a pedal. Customers are responsible for return shipping (as is the
case with non-defective US returns). We will refund your purchase price (less original shipping
cost). Item must be in 100% new condition, so please package carefully and insure. Thanks!